Our Society has ancient origins

Since 1924 we have been providing private transport services by motorboats in Venice.  
We were the first motorboats Company  to furnish rental services for transfers between  different  places of the city, and the first Company to organize tours 
through the islands in the Venice lagoon (Murano, Burano and Torcello).




In order to supply our customers with the  best services, in 1976 the Serenissima was separated in two specialized companies:  Società Serenissima Motoscafi s.r.l., that  offers motorboats rentals by special motorboats named "G.T." charachterized  by a big capacity,ideal for the transport of numerous groups (www.serenissimamotoscafi.it), and Cooperativa Serenissima Taxi a r.l., that offers services by motorboats with a  capacity up to 20 persons, suitable for comfortable and fast transfers also through the typical  canals” of the city.


Cooperativa Serenissima Taxi a r.l. has today a social fleet up to 25 motorboats, which allows us to perform a capillary service in Venice and in the Venice Lagoon.



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